EasyFilter Add-in for Excel for the Mac

Briefly! EasyFilter is a multi-optioned tool that allows far easier filtering of data. It allows easier manipulation of the results of the filtering. Once EasyFilter has been installed, all of the options are accessed by simply right clicking any cell within a criteria field in your data range. There is also a new menu item below the *EasyFilter* menu item that say *Clear Filters* to clear the filter. If you open *EasyFilter* it always clear the filter first so no need to always use this option. Important : Use Headers above your Data. Note: The add-in is not working in Tables, you will notice that you not see the menu items in the Cell menu when you try to open the add-in in a Table.

When was the first EasyFilter version created

I created EasyFilter for Excel 2000-2003 for Windows a long time ago and on Aug 2006 I have upload the last version to my website. It was a great project with help and suggestions from my Excel friends Norman Harker, Dave Peterson, Bob Philips and the late Frank Kabel who was tragically killed in an accident in his home country of Germany on 5th January 2005.

The new version that is working in the new Excel versions

After 15 years it was time to update the add-in so it is also works in the last versions of Excel for Windows, and also create this first Mac version. When I was updating the add-in I not understand why I waited for so long because it is still a cool tool. If you use Windows Excel check out the Windows version on this page : https://www.rondebruin.nl/win/addins/easyfilter.htm


Note: EasyFilter is working only if your data have headers

Filter Options are on separate tabbed User Interface and options available are:

  1. Equal-Not Equal [Filters for up to five alternative = or <> criteria]
  2. Blanks [Filters for Blanks or non Blanks or Formulas that evaluate to "" or not]
  3. Greater-Less [Filters for >= OR > AND / OR <= OR <]
  4. Begins-Contains-Ends [Ideal for filtering text fields]
  5. Unique-Duplicate [At last an easy way to hunt out uniques and duplicates]
  6. Special [Text searching with wild cards with up to 5 Or / And criteria]
  7. Dates [Not enabled unless you are filtering a field containing dates]

With exception of Unique-Duplicates, option tab, you have 7 "Where-Hows" available:

  1. Filter in place
  2. Copy to new worksheet
  3. Copy to new workbook
  4. Delete rows
  5. Hide rows
  6. Copy next to your data
  7. Copy below your data

And for the “Unique-Duplicate” tabbed option only:

  1. Filter in place
  2. Copy to another location
  3. Copy to new worksheet
  4. Copy to new workbook
  5. Unique or Duplicate

Download the Add-In for Mac Excel

Note: The Mac EasyFilter Add-in is available as freeware. But you can use the Contact button in the menu if you want to support the development of this add-in.

Mac EasyFilter Add-in(BETA version 1.2, 22-Oct-2021), Version 1.2 fixed a filter bug on non-English Mac’s, and I changed the code for Date filtering, so it is easier to use manual entry in the greater-less tab with dates. One problem on non-English Mac’s we still have is that it loads the dates in the English date formats in the combo boxes and some dates formats can show #### in the combo boxes for some dates. I hope Microsoft will fix this soon. Please report problems to me so I can try to fix them.

How to install the Add

  • Open Excel
  • Use Tools>Excel Add-ins... in the menu to open the Add-ins dialog
  • Use the Browse button to select the add-in and choose Open
  • Press OK
  • Done

Note: If you store the Add-in in the Add-ins folder (the best place) it will be automatic in your Add-ins dialog list, read the information on this page if you want to know how to do this : Install an Excel Add-In in Excel for Mac

Note: Right-click on a worksheet cell and click on *EasyFilter* in the menu to open the Filter tool.


Many thanks to Norman Harker, Dave Peterson, Bill Manville, Bob Phillips and the late Frank Kabel for their help and suggestions.
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