Menu for favourite Macros in Mac Excel

In Mac Excel 2016 and higher we can use RibbonX now to change the Excel Ribbon. Because creating menus with RibbonX is not so easy for most Excel users I create an add-in with a help workbook that makes it easy to make a menu for your favourite macros with the RibbonX in an txt file.

Note: in the help workbook that you use to edit the menu there is also a option in the ribbon to choose the imageMso you like to use for the menu option or in your custom Ribbon that you maybe want to create.


You find the button to open the menu on the Home tab, smiley icon (not yellow anymore in the last updates).

Download and install the add-in

Download (file date: 27-July-2021)

Be sure that your Office install is up to date to use the add-in, Note: The txt file and help workbook to make the menu must be in the same location as the add-in.

If you use for example a folder on the Desktop you will notice that it will ask you permission to access the txt file the first time you click on the menu button (Grant File Access Prompt), this is because of Apple’s sandbox requirements. This is only one time so no big problem, read also the information below if you want to avoid this.

  • Open Excel
  • Use Tools>Excel Add-ins... in the menu to open the Add-ins dialog
  • Use the Browse button to select the add-in and choose Open
  • Press OK
  • Done

Note: If you store the Add-in in the Add-ins folder it will be automatic in your Add-ins dialog list, read the information on this page if you want to know how to do this : Install an Excel Add-In in Excel for Mac. But it also list the excel help file if you copy the three files in the Add-ins folder so with this add-in it is better to use a folder with the 3 files in another location.

How do I edit the menu and use the imageMso picker

Open the Workbook(EditDynamicMenuMac.xlsm) and select the Edit My Menu tab next to the Home tab.

Note: This workbook is only used if you want to edit the menu.


After you open the help workbook there is a new tab next to the Home tab on the Ribbon named “Edit My Menu” with a few menu options. There is an option to add buttons below the ActiveCell row and to Start a menu and End a menu and to delete the ActiveCell row. If you have select a cell in the imageMso column you can look for the imageMso(1671) you want for that button in the Ribbon menu and if you click on the imageMso that you want then the name will be placed in the cell.

Look at the Table and how the menu looks like and you see that it is very easy to edit. In the Example there are two buttons, and a menu with inside this menu another menu and then again a button.

When you have edit the menu you must first press the “Update menu txt file” button before you can press the Smiley icon to see if the menu is correct.

After it looks correct you can close the workbook and open the VBA editor to add your macros in the MacroModule of the add-in, look at the macros that are already in it so you know how you call a macro from a Ribbon button. Do not forget to click on Save in the VBE editor menu so the code is saved in the add-in.

Tip: if you want to use the & character in a label you can use it like this , instead of Sort & Filter use :
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