FileName Lister Add-in for Excel for the Mac

Briefly! FileName Lister is a user friendly way to get a list of file names into a new Workbook.


In this add-in you have an option to list the file types you want and you can also filter on the file names. Another option is to create hyperlinks so it is easy to open the files.

Download the Add-In for Mac Excel

Note: FileName Lister is available as freeware. But you can use the Contact button in the menu if you want to support the development of this add-in.

FileName Lister for Mac Excel(version 1.2, 14-Dec-2020)

How to install the Add

  • Open Excel
  • Use Tools>Excel Add-ins... in the menu to open the Add-ins dialog
  • Use the Browse button to select the add-in and choose Open
  • Press OK
  • Done

Note: If you store the Add-in in the Add-ins folder (the best place) it will be automatic in your Add-ins dialog list, read the information on this page if you want to know how to do this : Install an Excel Add-In in Excel for Mac

Note: On the Ribbon Home tab you can find a button named Get Files to open the add-in.

Note: the location of the files are important in Mac Excel because of Apple’s sandbox requirements, read this page and use a folder in your Office folder to avoid problems.
Problems with Apple’s sandbox requirements
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