Shortcuts on your Mac and in Mac Excel

Shortcuts can make you work faster, below you will find my favourite shortcuts. Note: you can find many other shortcuts if you search on the Internet but this are my favourites. Note: It is possible that a shortcut is not working because it is used by your Mac, check it out on your Mac in System Preferences>Keyboards>Shortcuts

Preferences Shortcut

Open Preferences of the active program : Command ,

Finder Shortcuts

Open Finder window : Command Option Spacebar
When Finder is active open another Finder window : Command n
Open another tab in the active Finder window : Command t

Show the Path Bar in Finder : View -Show Path Bar
Tip: Right click the folder or file in this bar to Copy as Pathname

Copy folder in Favourites part of the Sidebar
With the folder open in Finder use : Command Control t

Toggle the view of hidden files and folders
With Finder open use this : Command Shift .

Create a new Folder in Finder : Command Shift n

Change Finder view
Command j : Open the View Options pane
Command 1 : Icon view
Command 2 : List view
Command 3 : Column view
Command 4 : Cover flow view

Copy File or Folder
Hold the option key down when you drag a folder or file to another location

Screenshot and screen recording Shortcuts

Make screenshot whole screen : Command Shift 3

Make screenshot of a part of your screen :
Command Shift 4
You can select the area now that you want. When you press the spacebar it select the active window.

Open the screenshot toolbar : Command Shift 5
You can do the same things but you also have an option to record your whole screen or selected portion.

Excel Shortcuts

Below are some of the Shortcuts that I use in Excel, you will not see basic shortcuts like Command c, x, v and p because all Excel users will know them. There are so many shortcuts that you can use in Excel that I will not list them all because you and I will not remember them. If you have a suggestion of a great shortcut let me know and I will add it to the list. Note: If you've got your System Preferences set to use FN keys to dim the screen, set volume, etc., then you need to press the fn key as well if you want to open the VBE editor for example like : fn & Option & F11.

See also this Microsoft page : Keyboards shortcuts in Excel

Selection Shortcuts

Select entire sheet : Command a Note maybe you must use it 3 times: Possible that the First time it select only the current region and the second time the Total rows and third time the whole sheet.
Select whole row : Shift Spacebar
Select whole column : Control Spacebar
Select last cell on worksheet : Fn Control > In Win Excel it is Control End

Delete and Insert Shortcuts
Delete :
Control -
Insert :
Control Shift + or only Control + on numeric keyboard part

Hide columns and Rows shortcuts
Hide column :
Command )
Unhide column :
Command Shift )
Hide Row :
Command (
Unhide Row :
Command Shift (

VBA code shortcuts
Macro Dialog :
Option F8
VBE Editor :
Option F11
Loop through your code in the VBE Editor :
Command Shift i

Open and Save Dialogs
Open Dialog :
Command F12
Save As Dialog :

Date and Time shortcuts
Enter the Date :
Control ;
Enter the time :
Command ;

Different useful Shortcuts
Open Format Cells :
Command 1
Create Table :
Command t
Define Name :
Command F3 Or Control l
Create Names :
Command Shift F3
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