Shortcuts on your Mac and in Mac Excel

Shortcuts can make you work faster, below you will find my favourite shortcuts. Note: you can find many other shortcuts if you search on the Internet but this are my favourites. Note: It is possible that a shortcut is not working because it is used by your Mac, check it out on your Mac in System Preferences>Keyboards>Shortcuts

Preferences Shortcut

Open Preferences of the active program : Command ,

Finder Shortcuts

Open Finder window : Command Option Spacebar
When Finder is active open another Finder window : Command n
Open another tab in the active Finder window : Command t

Show the Path Bar in Finder : View -Show Path Bar
Tip: Right click the folder or file in this bar to Copy as Pathname

Copy folder in Favourites part of the Sidebar
With the folder open in Finder use : Command Control t

Toggle the view of hidden files and folders
With Finder open use this : Command Shift .

Create a new Folder in Finder : Command Shift n

Change Finder view
Command j : Open the View Options pane
Command 1 : Icon view
Command 2 : List view
Command 3 : Column view
Command 4 : Cover flow view

Copy File or Folder
Hold the option key down when you drag a folder or file to another location

Screenshot and screen recording Shortcuts

Make screenshot whole screen : Command Shift 3

Make screenshot of a part of your screen :
Command Shift 4
You can select the area now that you want. When you press the spacebar it select the active window.

Open the screenshot toolbar : Command Shift 5
You can do the same things but you also have an option to record your whole screen or selected portion.

Excel Shortcuts

Below are some of the Shortcuts that I use in Excel, you will not see basic shortcuts like Command c, x, v and p because all Excel users will know them. There are so many shortcuts that you can use in Excel that I will not list them all because you and I will not remember them. If you have a suggestion of a great shortcut let me know and I will add it to the list.

See also this Microsoft page : Keyboards shortcuts in Excel

Selection Shortcuts

Select entire sheet : Command a Note maybe you must use it 3 times: Possible that the First time it select only the current region and the second time the Total rows and third time the whole sheet.
Select whole row : Shift Spacebar
Select whole column : Control Spacebar
Select last cell on worksheet : Fn Control > In Win Excel it is Control End

Delete and Insert Shortcuts
Delete :
Control -
Insert :
Control Shift + or only Control + on numeric keyboard part

Hide columns and Rows shortcuts
Hide column :
Command )
Unhide column :
Command Shift )
Hide Row :
Command (
Unhide Row :
Command Shift (

VBA code shortcuts
Macro Dialog :
Option F8
VBE Editor :
Option F11
Loop through your code in the VBE Editor :
Command Shift i

Open and Save Dialogs
Open Dialog :
Command F12
Save As Dialog :

Date and Time shortcuts
Enter the Date :
Control ;
Enter the time :
Command ;

Different useful Shortcuts
Open Format Cells :
Command 1
Create Table :
Command t
Define Name :
Command F3 Or Control l
Create Names :
Command Shift F3
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