Merge cells from worksheets into one Master sheet

The macro examples in the workbook that you can download on this page will add a worksheet with the name RDBMergeSheet to your workbook and will copy cells from every worksheet in the ActiveWorkbook to this worksheet. Each time you run one of the examples it will first delete the summary worksheet named RDBMergeSheet if it exists and then adds a new one to the workbook. This ensures that the data is always up to date after you run the code. In the examples I use a values/formats copy but in the first macro example there is commented example code to copy only the values or everything to the RDBMergeSheet. No need to change anything in the code to get the macros working in the workbook.

The macro examples use the custom LastRow or LastCol function that you can find in the last module of the workbook. If you want to use the macro examples in your own workbook do not forget to also copy the functions in a standard module of your workbook.

Download Example workbook

Download Example workbook
File Date: 21-Jan-2021
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