Send Mail from Mac Excel with Mac Outlook

What is changed between Office 2011 and Office 2016 and up

The legacy "MacScript" VBA Command is severely limited by Apple’s sandbox requirements: it will not work correctly in most situations in Office 2016 and up.

Instead, Microsoft added a new VB command "AppleScriptTask" that accesses and runs an AppleScript file located outside the sandboxed app. This new approach is not as convenient: with the MacScript function you could have the script in the file itself, while with the AppleScriptTask method you need to distribute an extra file containing the script, and it must be placed in the specified location on the user’s system to have permission to run. This requires some user interaction the first time.

See this page if you want to learn more : How to use AppleScriptTask in Mac Office
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Examples for Mac Excel with Mac Outlook

Follow the steps on this page with example code to mail with Mac Outlook.
Visit my example page : Mail with VBA from Excel with Mac Outlook (also PDF)

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