Tab and Group idMso's

If this is all new for you read the information on this page first : Change the Ribbon, you will also find a few example files on that page. If you want to hide, disable, add or do other things with tabs and groups with RibbonX you must know the idMso of it, below you can find all the tab and group idMso's of the Excel 365 for Mac Ribbon.

If you also want to know the idMso's of the controls and read about the problems there are on the Mac visit this page : Ribbon Control idMso's

Tab idMso's of the Excel 365 Ribbon

Note: Normal if you want to hide everything you can use StartFromScratch in the RibbonX but StartFromScratch is not working on the Mac, only in Win Office.

There are 9 tabs in the Mac Excel Ribbon that can be visible, below are the idMso's of the 9 tabs.

  • TabHome
  • TabInsert
  • TabDrawInk
  • TabPageLayoutExcel
  • TabFormulas
  • TabData
  • TabReview
  • TabView
  • TabDeveloper

Hide tab on the Mac Excel 365 for Mac Ribbon

To hide for example the Draw tab you can use the RibbonX below in your file

But if you add all tabs to the ribbonX like this it will not hide the Home tab groups. Hope this will be fixed.

Example to hide every group on each tab on the Mac Excel 365 for Mac Ribbon

You can find RibbonX below that hide each group on every tab in the Mac Excel 365 ribbon. This example shows you the idMso names of each group. There is one important idMso name that is different between windows and Mac Excel and that is the Get & Transform group on the Data tab, maybe there are more but I not checked them all. So be aware of it if you create a workbook that must work on both platforms.

Note: I can't find the idMso for the Analysis group on the Data tab on this moment.
Note: And why we have two different groups that use the same group name, named Changes on the Review tab ?

Problems with groups in RibbonX in the Mac Excel 365 for Mac Ribbon

In the example files you can download on the Ribbon Start page you see that I show you that you can add built-in groups to your own custom tab. In Excel for Windows there is no problem but in Mac Excel there are a lot of groups that you can't add to your custom tab. For example if you check the Home tab you can't add the the first four groups to a custom tab. If you test the RibbonX below you will notice that your custom tab named Favorite Groups not show you the first four groups but only the last four from the Home tab. And the idMso are correct because you can hide the groups.

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